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Original Projects

-  Portamento  -  Gumflowr  -  Audiovisual work  -


My personal Electronic Club orientated project. Releases include Nervous Records and Sony.

Services include, production, mixing, remixes, Live performance/DJ set and ghost writing.


Live/production duo in collaboration with Sonic Arts artist Lorenzo Burgio featuring live drums and hardware electronics.

Services include Dolby Atmos mixing and remixes.

Audiovisual works

 'I'm not the sentimental type, but..'.

 A 33 minute body of work that explores how memory and nostalgia effect our understanding and interpretation of our past. 

The work was premiered in November 2021 At Bloom building, Birkenhead.


1. Im Not The Sentimental Type, But... (0:00)

2. Too Much Is Never Enough. (3:50)

3. Flashback. (11:47)

4. Take me back to the Chelsea Reach. (14:27)

5. I Am The Sea. (15:53)

6. Movie Star. (22:45)

7. Epoch. (27.31)

My monthly Portamento  DJ radio show. This show takes influence from Electronic nightclub culture showcasing music that is associated and typically performed within London. 

Voices Radio

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